Satellite Launches Becoming Accessible To Private Business from Virgin Galactic

Suborbital satellites launched from specially designed aircraft are being marketed to all sorts of private enterprise from Virgin Galactic, a Las Cruces-based company. 

Because the price point for this amazing technology has dropped below $10 million, it is now within the realm of small businesses and schools as well as larger more established businesses and national space agencies.

One potential launch site for the new air-launched rocket “LauncherOne” is the New Mexico Spaceport.

What kind of businesses can benefit from their own sub-orbital satellite?  Here are three of the companies that are already on board with Virgin Galactic for a ride on LauncherOne.

Skybox Imaging, a company that sells up-to-date satellite information to private companies and governments worldwide, will now have their own specially tooled data. 

GeoOptics is an Environmental Earth Observation company that delivers real-time data about the planet” for both daily use and long term environmental monitoring. 

Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company, can use the satellite to help them find off-world resources for our planet. 

Albuquerque Business Journal 

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