Georgia scores big in aerospace, call centers, logistics jobs

Gov. Nathan Deal announced recently that the global commerce division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDED) produced an increase in the number of jobs and investment in the industries of aerospace, call centers and logistics/distribution during fiscal year 2014.

Statistics from the department show its 374 company expansion or location announcements generated a total of 28,404 jobs and more than $5 billion in investment overall. Also during that time, the state was awarded three No. 1 rankings: No. 1 business climate and most competitive business climate by Site Selection magazine and the No. 1 state for business in the nation by CNBC.

Georgia’s aerospace industry statistics show a 25-percent increase in jobs and a 57-percent increase in investment over the previous year’s activity.

The call center sector experienced a 103-percent increase in jobs and an 89-percent increase in investment over the previous year.

The logistics/distribution sector showed a 152-percent increase in investment over the fiscal year 2013 in projects announced.

Of the total projects, 69 percent were expansions of existing businesses in Georgia, and 31 percent of the projects were from companies investing in Georgia for the first time.

Twenty percent of the new locations were by international companies establishing operations in Georgia. These international companies represented roughly 5,964 jobs and $2 billion in investment capital. Expansions of domestically owned companies created 22,439 jobs, or 79 percent, of the total job creation, and $3.6 billion in investment.

More than half of the jobs created and more than three quarters of new investment were generated outside of metro Atlanta.

GDED’s global commerce division also contributed to the growth and development of Georgia’s small businesses and entrepreneur-led ventures. The small business team served 1,313 startups and small businesses during the fiscal year 2014, providing resources on, which has experienced a 150-percent increase in activity since May 2013.

Source: Georgia Department of Economic Development

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