Cedar Park’s Firefly Space System successfully tests rocket

CEDAR PARK, Texas — Cedar Park-based space launch startup Firefly Space System has successfully tested its first rocket engine design.

Located in Briggs, the experiment was conducted at the company’s test facility and was the first of a long series of tests that must be conducted prior to the rocket being able to deliver payloads into low-Earth orbit. Though the rocket only burned for approximately two seconds, it was enough to prove Firefly Space System’s engineers design worked.

Dubbed Firefly Rocket Engine Research 1, or FRE-R1 for short, it is the upper stage of a two-stage rocket propulsion system. Once completed, the upper-stage engine configuration will be able to produce 7,000 foot-pounds of thrust whereas the lower-stage engine configuration will be able to produce 125,000 foot-pounds of thrust. In early 2016, hot-fire testing will begin on the FRE-2 aerospike engine.

Founded in California, the company relocated to Cedar Park earlier in 2015.

Source: Austin Business Journal


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