Kaman Aircraft continues Jacksonville growth (FL)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Kaman Aircraft Corporation continues to grow in Jacksonville, pushing the local aerospace industry demand.

Kaman has created 165 new jobs since 2011, with plans to ultimately create 200 new jobs for local families. Kaman is a global aerospace and industrial manufacturer and distributor, with 430 employees in Jacksonville and more than 700 employees across Florida. The expansion of their operation also created a capital investment of more than $30 million in Duval County.

Kaman began its operation in Jacksonville at the airport in 1993 with a small operation of 10-15 people. The company has continued to experience tremendous success in the Sunshine State and across the country, with four locations in Florida. The company manufactures and provides parts, components, systems and programs that meet mission-critical aerospace and industrial challenges. Currently, Florida is ranked #1 for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness and #1 for aircraft manufacturing workforce by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Kaman’s creation of 200 new jobs in Jacksonville is more great news for our economy,” said Bill Johnson, Enterprise Florida president and CEO. Florida is ranked #1 for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness and workforce, and companies like Kaman are taking advantage of Florida’s great aerospace assets. We will continue to build on our success as a global leader in aerospace & aviation, and I look forward to Kaman’s success.”

Source: Gov. Scott

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