Western Michigan University’s celebrated College of Aviation is soaring

KALAMAZOO, Mich.— Western Michigan University has received authorization from the state to begin work on a 67,000-square-foot addition and renovation that will allow its celebrated College of Aviation to prepare more students for the future demands of the aviation industry.

With a target completion date of summer 2019, the enlarged and renovated space will allow the college to grow enrollment in a way that will meet predicted job demand for aircraft pilots and avionics equipment professionals. When complete, the facility will include additional classroom space, upgrades to existing composite and paint labs, a state-of-the-art simulation facility and a cutting-edge research center, as well as student briefing rooms and faculty office space.

The approved expansion will allow the college, now at capacity with more than 870 students, to continue to turn out much-needed young professionals. The renovation and 67,000-square-foot addition to the Aviation Education Center also will address current energy use deficiencies, improve safety initiatives, address accessibility issues and meet new technology needs.

READ MORE of this story at Western Michigan University by Cheryl Roland. Photo courtesy of Western Michigan University College of Aviation.

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